The Museum & Trail

A dedicated core of former and current residents meet regularly at the museum during its Saturday hours to share memories and speak with visitors, finding common ground with them over coffee and snacks. The museum is alive with oral history as well as artifacts and exhibits.

Exhibits include biographies of coal operators, profiles of ethnic groups, statistics on mines operating in Scotts Run, histories of schools, churches and communities, and information on mine disasters and glass workers living in the area.

A story is told on the walls of the museum, and continues through the community of Osage on interpretive signs. These show what the town was like in the 30s, tell stories about the musical heritage, and the importance of community gardens. A geocaching trail offers ore snippets of history on some of the former sites of a mine, ferry and other landmarks.

The museum is open Saturdays from 10-2, and for classes and meetings. For a personal tour or presentation, call Mary Jane Coulter, Executive Director, at 304-299-9615.

spending time in the museum

Intergenerational and interracial friendships are the everyday norm at the museum, and why it and Osage are so special. 

Osage Community Garden

Come see what's happening at the location of the old Evans Theatre. Its now a community garden and changing every day.

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Coffee Shop & Geocaching Trail

Enjoy a drink at the coffee shop or walk the geocaching trail, which offers snippets of history on some of the former sites of a mine, ferry and other landmarks.

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Service Trip to Uganda

Patty, Butch, Miss Sarah, John, Wanda and Beth are back from their trip to Uganda. Al and Friends raised over $17,000 to put a roof on an orphanage and dig a well for. Many of you helped. This is a tour to share in the love.

street fair jamming

2018 Street Fair

Its been a whirlwind Street Fair. We had a great one, complete with new participants like the High Street Jazz Band that led our parade, a raft of new t-shirts silkscreened live at the fair, the Greater Morgantown Interfaith Association that had henna designs and an interactive FAQ wheel, the Lions Club, and more.

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Ageless Friends Movie

This award-winning documentary tells the story of Maarten Vossen and WWII Scott's Run downed pilot James Wickline, and their intertwined lives.

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Share Your Story

If you have lived in Scotts Run or had a special experience there, we want to hear from you! We are always looking to learn new stories about the community.

If you have a story or memory you want to tell, please fill out the form below.

Or, if you would rather tell your story out loud, stop by the museum on a Saturday or call us at 304-599-1931 and we can set up a date!