Our Vision for Restoring Scott's Run

Scott's Run

A clean, safe place, free of potential environmental hazards associated with truck traffic and surface water run off, that can cause flooding.

Attractive community recreation, education and arts center, integrated with the park, offering indoor and outdoor activities and events.

Coal heritage is remembered by having a coal mining museum that represents coal heritage, the New Deal, the Scott’s Run Settlement House Movement and the Shack Neighborhood House. A coal trail linked to historical mine sites and memorials at mine tragedy sites.

New development and buildings evoke architectural character of the predominant architecture during the Scott’s Run coal booming era.

A prosperous community that offers diverse employment opportunities; small business owners, employ cashiers, cosmetologists, cooks, day care providers, cleaning persons, managers and professionals. The business owners are engaged with the community.

A community that is self-governing with a town hall and law enforcement.

A community with decent and affordable housing.